The German CEO Summit takes place in Berlin from 17th to 18th of March 2019. The focus of the summit is on strategy, innovation and growth for medium and large-sized companies. It is bringing together senior-level executives from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with senior representatives in order to have an exchange on actual business topics. Therefore the summit is a great place to network. Feel free to check out the page of the summit: CEO Gipfel 2019

>>NEW WORK SOLUTIONS will join one of our customers Roland Szmola from E.ON Hungary. We have been project partners in the “New Ways of Working” program at E.ON business agility at scale. Roland will share insights on the key success factors on how a multi can benefit from agile transition: How can You walk the talk in your transformation? How agile culture drives productivity? Are Scrum or  Kanban the overall solution? What are important key success factors to change your company culture? How can portfolio management drive your transformation?

Some facts about Roland: He is a business change manager who drove transformations in multinational companies in the telecom and energy sector. He is an evangelist in business agility, currently transforming E.ON into an agile organization and located in Budapest/Hungary.

Meet us on the CEO Gipfel in Berlin, we looking forward to it!


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