Agile Transformation & Implementation

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    We accompany you in the practical implementation of your agile transformation


Agile Transformation & Implementation

Tangible agility with our Agilizer tool-set!

Is digitalization only a buzzword or the next step in your company’s strategy?

Information on this offers our controlling instrument the Agilizer® Maturity Indicator: How rapidly has the speed of your product development increased? Is the boost of value delivery towards your customers in critical condition and do you need to change this asap? Are your processes carved in stone and need to be urgently disrupted? Do you want to foster self-organization, customer orientation and entrepreneurial acting?

An Agile Mindset and the appropriate tools will support you in transforming your organization for the up-to-date working environment requirements. Together with you we create measures that foster effective transformation processes, leadership, collaboration, innovation, knowledge sharing and networking within your organization.

With a lot of methodological knowledge, experiences and our tangible Agilizer tool-set we can analyze the level of agility within your organization. It is a tangible foundation to develop successful measures for the agile transformation and digitalization. We introduce creative ideas, challenge your approach, extend your comfort into the stretch zone, question your next steps and create customized solutions together with you.

How do we define agility for our consulting approach?

Agility will enable lateral thinking within your team and open the doors for disruptive new ways. Together we will develop measures that foster knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking for a successful agile transformation.

Agility accelerates the value added in combination with increased customer orientation. It supports rapid market entry, sensitizes to customer needs and increases the flexibility and fluidity of your organization.

Use our experience and knowledge as a think tank for your company’s success.

With our Agilizer® Maturity Level Indicator – AMI – we check the current agile status of your company, your department or your projects. The AMI is based on many years of agile experience. We have combined these empirical values ​​with scientifically based systemic approaches. The AMI provides a transparent overview of the current situation in a short time and is a professional basis for the development of tailored measures.

Especially in projects we experience over and over that there are big question marks about the appropriate procedure. Agile or classic? The Agilizer® Maturity Indicator for projects analyzes the environment, the level of maturity of the team and the purpose of the project. Based on this, we develop measurable measures for your transformation “map” together with you.

Our Agilizer® Maturity Indicator is a solid basis for developing the right measures for the agile transformation of your company.

We are the creative think tank for the success of your company in the agile future.

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