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  • Die komplexe Welt fordert mehr Zusammenarbeit

    #NEWWORK - We develop innovative solutions for networked collaboration and working environments for "new work"


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collaboration & future work environment

Do you want to foster self-organization, collaboration, creativity and happiness?

Would you like to promote self-organization, collaboration & cooperation, transparency and creativity in your company in order to increase the satisfaction of your employees. All of these are important factors for agility.

Agile Mindset needs modern working environments. It is impossible to use tools like Scrum, Lean Kanban, etc. without having places where people can meet, discuss, align, collaborate, etc. All you need is an environment which engages your employees to

  • meet,
  • exchange,
  • to align and
  • to work together on the relevant topics.

Mobile walls and flexible furniture, which can be quickly moved, enable employees to create the right environment for individual-, small group- and team- work in a short period of time.

You do not need to spend a huge amount of money on designer furniture to foster creativity and collaboration.

Simple tools, flexible white-boards, Post-its in different sizes, Lego, etc. can make already a huge difference!

Transparency & strong collaboration are key success factors!

With digitalization our working world becomes more flexible, fluid and fits better to personal needs. We can work everywhere and anytime. Digitalization makes this possible.

In the corporate world sometimes this needs a lot of alignment with e.g. workers councils, insurances or involves a big change in the organizational setup. This often results in an organizational change. New Work workspaces doesn’t mean a complete work-over of your buildings. Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference and inspire people and unlock creativity.

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