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Entrepreneurial thinking and acting are the future key soft skills!

Intrapreneurship is entrepreneurship in the corporate world. Business ideas of employees are promoted by making working hours and budget available to them. In larger companies with complicated processes, intrapreneurship is a key success factor in order to develop innovative solutions for the market more quickly. What opportunities do employees in your company have to promote ideas, try them out and break new ground for your company?

Companies that promote intrapreneurship increase their productivity, their market entry speed, are more innovative and have an increase in the motivation of their employees.

Companies that actively promote intrapreneurship are e.g.3M,Bertelsmann, Deutsche Bahn, E.ON, Google etc. There is an article by Forbes on this subject.

Could the expansion of entrepreneurial thinking and acting also be a key competence for your employees?

When companies develop their culture in the direction of entrepreneurial thinking and acting, this promotes the development and motivation of their employees. Employees are an important success factor in companies in order to be able to react more flexibly to changing customer and market requirements and to promote new developments in products and services.

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