On June 7th a workshop on “Inviting Leadership” with Daniel Mezick took place in Wiesbaden in the beautiful rooms of Red42 (link). Nils Pflaeging, the author of Open Space Beta (link) #BetaCodex, was our host on this day – many thanks to him!

It was a great event and the time was very good invested for the New Work Solutions: Fresh ideas for our customers & partners!

The workshop was conducted by Daniel Mezick (link) himself. Daniel is the author of several books, including “inviting leadership” (link) #invitingLeadership. Daniel conducted this workshop as part of his European tour. Shortly before he stood together with Jeff Sutherland, Dahm M. Hongchai and many other agilists on the stages of the Scrum Days 2019 in Stuttgart (link) #ScrumDay2019. Daniel Mezick bases his work on the Open Space Agility framework he created (link) #OSA # OpenSpaceAgility.

A little insight into the workshop with a few collected quotes and buzzwords from that day:

  • “…the ecotone: where the life is and where it smells bad”
  • “Change decision rights to change culture”
  • “A good leader is a game designer”
  • “Every social system is a game”
  • “Leaders go first”
  • “Delegate Authority”
  • “Authority transfer”
  • “Find out what the organisation is willing to do”
  • “Invite the willing”
  • “Authorize the willing”

All we can say is: It was a great workshop – THANK YOU!

Let’s transform the new INSIGHTS into real company value, your value. In case you have any questions feel free to get in contact. Just use E-MailTwitter (@yourAgilizer)FacebooklinkedInSlack or directly contact us via our homepage.


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©pictures: Mario Brückner, Daniel Mezick

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