The Maverick Principle

The outsider or other thinker is often referred to as a maverick. He / she thinks differently and is independent in thought and action and thus does not follow the mainstream. Often times, the Maverick is perceived as uncomfortable and / or “getting in the way” of quick and efficient decision-making.

But behind the mindset and behavior of the maverick, there are opportunities. It doesn’t have to be heroics like Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the movie Top Gun [2], but the pattern is similar. Seeing things differently, taking on different perspectives broadens the solution horizon and enables new paths.

The art is to promote the behavior of a maverick in a constructive way and thus create a stage in meetings, for example. There is a double opportunity to win: On the one hand, you get new insights and, on the other hand, you reduce any undesirable and informal shadow communication of the maverick.

This dedicated use of “other ideas” is also known as the Maverick principle.

Just try out the “loner Maverick” in an appreciative and channeled way to involve him in the next meeting and play him / her directly. Clear the stage

[1] Amaverick is a person who shows independence in thought and action, is a non-conformist, rebel or even an outsider.



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