Experience in an agile transformation

There are new insights on our New Work Solutions YouTube Channel:
In the “Agile Voices” section, we let practitioners speak. They report on their experiences from the agile world: “From practice for practice”. We talk about challenges, perspectives and tips on agile transformations in Europe.

In the latest post we have Corinna Elsemann and Timo Burg as guests. They report on the last two and a half years of SAFe implementation in a highly complex environment in the development of a charging infrastructure backend in the eMobility area.
The two tell from the beginning of the transformation to the successful introduction and implementation of SAFe. Englisch They describe the depths and heights they experienced on this path and share their profound experiences. The conversation provides valuable knowledge for a successful SAFe introduction or implementation.

Thank you Corinna and Timo for the interview and the great time Mario was allowed to be part of the transformation as an agile coach!

Link: https://youtu.be/1AUh2Umyybg

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©pictures: Mario Brückner, Corinna Elsemann, Timo Burg

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